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The Online Museum is a virtual museum which anyone can add items to. To get involved all you need to do is register a free account. Then you are free to add items to the site. If you just want to explore the online collection then the best place to start is The Museum. Here you will find a wide range of art and history online.

The Online Museum also encourages everyone to participate with their thoughts and opinions on museums and heritage. If you have information on an item in our collection then tell us by adding a comment. You can also join and participate in discussion groups about a range of issues concerning heritage, history and museums. If you want to discuss something but can't find an appropriate group, then you can create a new group.

The Online Museum also provides expert information and opinion on subjects like online history and virtual museums, as well as a range of other interesting issues. These are all contained in our blogs section. From time to time there will even be guest blog posts to provide an alternative view on the subjects that matter.

For more information, or to explore further, check out a detailed description of the different sections below.

The Museum

The MuseumThe Museum page is the portal to all the content on the Online Museum. From here you can check out our Galleries, look at the latest Exhbitions, or trawl through the Archives. Its a great place to start if you want to explore and learn about the past. If you add an item to the site then it will appear in this section.

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GroupsThe groups section of The Online Museum is where you can join in with disscussions on the topics you enjoy, as well as set up your own space if you are a museum or organisation. You can join any group, and as many groups as you want to. Can't find a group that intrests you? Feel free to start a new one.



The Blog section of The Online Museum is where you can keep up to date with all the developments from around the site. As well as this, we will be providing you with analysis and opinions on some of the hot topics in the heritage and museums field.